This was going to be my AT day entry... I'm surprised I actually finished it in the end.

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  • 0:51 Nice noise things with changing release.

    • I think in general you have the ear for the subtleties that I'm looking to develop.

  • Definitely going on my playlist for when I play No Man's Sky. Perfect vibe and great mix.

  • My stuff always comes out quiet :/

    • Me until recent. I think I found out the secret formula to loud... but it feels uncomfy...

    • i rather like it quiet, ngl!

    • True, but seeing as I don't get my tracks mastered it will forever be on the quiet side 😅

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  • do I hear PWM factory in the percs?

    sounds like a patch from a minilogue xd

    • I don't know what sample that is, but it isn't in the asset list

  • another absolute monster from you, stunning

  • i can't get over this groove man. the variety of bass synths/drums is stunning... this is grounding af, and the organic vibe brought by the tribal drums enhances even more this rooting effect. can't get over these airy pads either lol, the whole sound design of the track is ultra pleasing. i'm very sensitive and picky when it comes to the high end - and i love how you managed to get it that crispy while keeping it still soft to the ears

    • Thank you so much! I wanted to make an 8 minute techno stomper but couldn't manage more variation to justify another 3 minutes haha

  • This is a great track. Any place we can purchase/download it?

    • bandcamp is soooo easy to set up

    • I know... I am not at investing time in putting my music out there. I should change that

    • @Audial you should put your stuff on bandcamp and/or streaming

  • Great synthwork all around

  • Great to see you back!

  • Good music.. i love the kick & the conga.. reminds me of HNNY music

  • It's got a nice groove for each of the sounds. I wouldn't really recommend anything else from my critique that needs improvement. What I like is the background ambience too and the panning. It feels like surround sound material in my opinion.

  • great housy track!

  • I think it's a bit better now, sped it up 2 bpm, moved some percussion around and pushed the limiter slightly harder

  • would love to move through these sounds coming out of a big system

    • I haven't listened to it on anything big yet, looking forward to trying it out!

  • freaking love this