the bathroom red with the blood of my anus

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  • gatekeeping the snapshot is crazy

  • Can i steal I dont speak tocobell XD

  • the part that I'm baffled about is that the snapshot appears to be empty

  • im penetrating myslef

  • Teach me

  • Fun fact the reason as to why the 2nd half of the drop sounds so gritty is because we used a pulv for the part

    • Not saying audio tool is bad at it or anything..

    • the drop sounds imported from another daw?!?!?!? It seriously sounds like it but I believe that Audio tool has this kind of potential to make things sound like this.


  • damn

  • ah yes, client shitting all of our pants with guns.

  • this goofy as hell

  • ok it has the "dude blows up toilet after eating taco bell" sample by Noisemaster666, we all know it's gonna be good

  • I'm getting chills, I remember the experience I had with taco bell, this musik is making me shit my pants, but I miss the taco bell experience I can't taste those good ass tacos anymore, but also I think the instruments shit their pants so they left the snapshot, good job client you have now made instruments leave a snapshot.

    • bro made audiotool studio go on strike

    • With magic

    • no you made instruments shit themselves so they decided to leave snapshot

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  • okay rn ive actually had a moment to give it a listen and what the actual fuck. this slaps

  • me when snapshot no EXISTS !!

    • sumtimes i be cutting up hotdogs an puttin em in my noodle yk lowkey

  • didnt realize client was apart of this at first

    but it makes so much sense now that i noticed it.

    track is crazy