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  • holy cow this is good

  • Very nice,Onyx !

    • thanks ssagg. i really appreciate it buddy :)

    • This is my second favorite,This exception I made only for you my friend

  • This is really good!

  • wow

  • Thanks MatChups

  • This amazing

  • Thanks dude :)

  • Woah. A lot of work was put into this. Great job (:

  • Republished

    Small changes at 3:00

  • Thanks Deth_Meth, great to hear from you :)

  • Got the 69th favorite (I'm a child), I like this, so pro.

  • Glad to know that llloksd, thanks! :)

  • Once again, the piano is just perfect. You sir, are in my top 5 favorite Audiotool artists! You need more attention though. I never see any of your tracks on frontpage, even when they deserve to be.

  • Thanks man :)

  • Wow this is like the coolest electro track ive heard on heard man :D