Cover of track I don't know. What is this? Help? (Qua-Z's "Helpful" Remix) by Qua-Z
  • about 9 months ago
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Qua-Z, I don't know. What is this? Help? (Qua-Z's "Helpful" Remix)


what is this?

A mix of trap and dubstep at 160 bpm and it is a mess

Uhhh... Qua-Z here: So I sped it up to 190 bpm and used my infamous Rasselbock skills to help out. Hope u like.

The title get's cut off at "Soundclown." It's supposed to continue on with "Remix."

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    about 7 months ago

    I might just delete the word then. Why not. Btw bro, I used a lot of your stuff for this one. I just manipulated it with the Rassleblock. Then added my own flavor to it. I swear to God bro. Master the Rassleblock. It is by far my favorite thing to use. You can do one thing with your own stuff, and then add that to make something entirely new.

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    Lil $h1th34d

    about 8 months ago

    Without the soundclown this is actually prettyy badass, really