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I have been making music for the past... 7 years. I have made around 150 - 160 other songs on other studio's like garage band and soundation. As time has flown by, I currently find myself back in school again for Programming as none of the other degrees panned out to much. But yeah. Am around 26 now, so getting older for sure. I've only been able to really make a few songs here and there as of late because the older you get the more responsibilities, more focus put to school and what not.
I still love music, and will continue to love it throughout my life. If anything I've learned over time that one doesn't have to make it big to live. You just have to enjoy and love what you got, and that's enough. So yeah, I never entertain the possibility of me getting famous in the future through music, and instead just try to put out good content that I love whenever I can. If I could in the end attain a simple thousand subs, I'd be happy. As one of my Dad's artist friends once said. All you need is 1000 loyal fans. That's it. No 1 mil or whatever. Just a thousand.
If anything, I deeply respect certain artists of music. They didn't just copy the same formula/recipe that everyone else does when making an Electronic track. They create something close to their heart, that speaks to them and a few others.
Music is a thing you have to hold dear. A relationship you have to develop over time. Not some get-rich-quick scheme to win a million overnight. You need to put in sacrifice and effort in order to make it work.
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