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  • aye aye aye aye aye

  • relatable

  • I might crop out 1:33 tho lel

  • Should I show her this lololol

  • (:

  • lmao 1.33

    Was that what you was thinking when you saw her??

  • Thx bros.. [° v°]

  • I saw you too. I just didn't wanna say hi :3

  • Excellent sampling btw. Really creative and lush.

  • I love your music because you paint feelings with sounds. Can't tell you how much i relate to this. And from the comments i can tell i'm not the only one who feels this song.

  • This track is insane BTW!

  • bro... i was right about to remix this song.......

  • Haha walmart, you don't habe to be shy to speak to fishs. ;)

  • You and dove and skydoki collab now

  • @dove ,

    my life is a joke sometimes

    u get it bro

    she was with her dad too.. perfect time to go