more melodic stuff, spent a good amount of time on this, so please crit!

ty for the support and stuff on my recents too, love you homies <3

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  • lofi girl type beat

  • Oldie but goodie, thanks for putting this in my feed again yeetmanz

  • bro what!!!!

    got dizzy 🥴

  • alright, ima say it. this might sound rude, but get tf off AT and get in a real DAW bro. if these are the type of ideas ur coming up from the get go, you need to be practicing in a real DAW no cap. that's what gives you the edge; you get more samples; you get more plugins, you have more options. in essence, you get a bigger playground to play in and *you get better faster*.

    your ideas are fresh bro keep the grind up.

    • sorry for dumping all this advice. i just like your ideas a lot and i think you would benefit musically by pushing yourself. when i look at my old shit on AT, i can see the improvement and i can see that i'm more able to express what i really want in my shit. would dope to see the same for you

    • something i like to tell myself is "the present age is never the golden age." you don't wanna be 35 or 60 years old and be like damn, i shoulda done x y z when you coulda done shit earlier

      trust bro, when you listen to the stories people tell when they are dying, they always got regret at the tip of their tongue. all we can do now is minimize regret by choosing better decisions

    • i guess it depends on your priorities. r u tryna push your limits? r u tryna just chill? set a goal first. if u really wanna push, highkey recommending bouncing asap to get to the cutting edge tools. you don't need to leave the community entirely; could still check peoples songs out and stuff :) i still drop by the audiotool discord to catch up w ppl

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  • Amzing song! I would like to make one like this but I am at start and I don't know how to. Actually my name is Lucas too :).

    • its lowkey easy shit lmao

      I recommend watching the tutorials(not to learn how to make music like this, but so you get the layout of the app, and what everything does, it helps trust me.)

      Then after you get an idea of how everything works, just put two and two together.

      if you don't know how to start actually making music, go to YouTube and watch Ramoid.

      He posts these videos where he makes music in the video, and shows you how he does it.

      thats how I learned, hope it helped ;)

    • Can someone help me please?

  • Guys can you tell me how can i change my name ?

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  • me and the homies when

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  • this beat is fire i wish i could make a song out of this

  • Dis is one of the most bootiful songs I ever heard on Audiotool.

  • How do you makes the kicks outsound everything else?

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  • Istg the kick and 808 are freaking bootifullllll

  • I didn't think getting this many favs was possible at this point in at but damn gg bro this hits

  • I'ma need dem heisenburgs too big fellah...

  • holy shit this has 150, you guys are fucking awesome

    • Nope...Youre awesome for making this

  • Bro how u get charted every time