beginnings of things.

track one of seven.

- - - -

once the album is finished, a remix contest will be held where you can remix any single track from the album to enter. it will be officially announced at a later date, but if you particularly like a track in the album, you can start thinking about remixing it now. my suggestion is to wait until all tracks are published, but do what you want.

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  • lovely :)

  • nice pads <3

  • The slight tune change at the beginning is a little odd sounding, but other wise awesome!

  • So chill man :D

  • Luxury track :)

  • Must have missed this. Very clean man. And the percs are spot on

  • love the wavy lead. the way you wrote the notes in adds a lot of depth to the time signature for some reason

  • I think all of my friends are imaginary sometimes

  • my faves are speacial

  • the glidey lead really gives shape to this whole track yo

    can't wait for the whole album to come out :)

  • dazzling!!

  • my reaction in realtime: ooh I like the way the notes overlap, nice reverb and detune, ooh very pret---- DAAYYUUMMM 0:33 drop that bass boii... then @ 1.21 headbobbing to the percs

  • same

  • I had an imaginary friend once.

  • Very beautiful. I love it.