Every single sound made from pulverisateurs apart from one snare (made with a hesienberg).

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  • Nice one, especially bassline, too bad my pc is so awful that I can't open a simple track with more than 5,6 instruments ...

  • Thanks dabrig for fav this. Amazing sauce Tyburn.

  • i missed this super track all pulv wow love this track i think i have to revisit your tracks :)

  • groovy!

  • SO k0ol

  • YAP

  • Haha, agreed with Jambam. You could pick up a Serpent trumpet thing and know how to play it perfectly haha

  • fucking great

  • awesome piece !!

  • great track!

  • yess ! great one

  • Great stuff, N1m8:)!

  • Incredible! So talented!

  • Crazy what one can make from the pulv! Have to open this.

  • lol.. maybe some day i can do something like that, only pulv? seriously i have to learn a lot yet