Dub techno competition entry, doesn't quite sound like dub techno to me but I didn't want to use the same templates that everyone's using as it's all sounding exactly the same. A few drum samples though the rest is all original work.

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  • Niiice !

  • Nice one! I missed this

  • refav, should have been on the album

  • tyburn tyburn tyburn tyburn the best

  • nice track m8!

  • Great tunes man! :D

  • GREAT. love the sound design of the chords, they have a steel drum feel to them if u know what i mean (kinda hard to explain). good stuff, like it better than most others

  • Republished

    shortened outro, boosted overall level a little

  • Maybe add another 10 secs to the intro, other than that it's great.

  • Works for me! Good luck with the competition!

  • Yeaaaah!! love it! :))

  • probably one of my fav entry

  • oh god, again a wonderful entry !! splendid ty

  • nice harmonies ... top!

  • think it'd be good to pump low frequencies a bit