I Made the piano part

Took me A while to think of it but when the song came together I liked it Do you too?

Now I used fl studio for this mostly

Edit - made soft parts louder

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  • if you had a sidechain on the piano (maybe) and fixed the part at 0:29 this would be like perfect


  • Now al it needs is some vocals. (In my opinion.)

  • Love it!

  • Oh sweet Jesus....

  • almost 100 plays lol followers help

  • ill open remixing for that

  • this song is amazing and very well put together

    great job man

    i may want to do a remix on this one in the future but i really dont have any ideas yet.

  • @Uprising I will gladly take up on your offer for the collab after the cycle season :) just don't forget

  • @ClickZ I like your music It is real nice . Especially the beat and melodic parts. I cannot add any more collabs to to my list of collabs at the moment because i am having a hard time finishing the ones i have going. Once those are finished i do not plan on doing any more collbs until after Cycle season is over because of how busy i am. I will gladly Do it after the season if you are still interested :) i think we could make good music

  • @Grotzo yeah i had wierd problems with the volume

  • This is really quiet and so goooood !! Nice melody.

  • :)

  • @E10 yeah I was thinking about that too