A Rasselbock Experiment.

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Available on Depths EP:

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  • Beautiful...

  • Lovely amazing synth work! That gate? ...not such a big fan.

  • wow amazingly beautiful

  • Amazing! Had a look at how you did this. A very successful experiment!

  • beautiful pad!

  • @Bluedude I LOVE Hans Zimmer. One of my favorite Composers.

  • Thank you everyone. If you like this feel free to check out the rest of the album!

  • ah... too bad its a sample, i wanted to see that pad so bad...

  • weird this wasn't featured

  • Wonderful :)

  • Prolly cause this reminds me of Hans Zimmer.

  • My heart beats at the kick of the drum. My thoughts disappear with the wave of the pads. I'm lost in my own world. A world I can't describe. I'm sinking in the deep. Lights surrounding. Sleep. I'm in love with this.

  • You can't even hate this kind of music. It's just so wonderful to listen to.

  • I know it's samples, but man. This is really really really really really really good. :)

  • WOW! So lovely. If this was a liquid, I'd drown in this.