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@MCT 's Top 10 list contains a lot of awesome works. Thanks Tenji for compiling.

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Note by MCT: "I’m VLTRA’s biggest fan and if I had my way this would be VLTRA’s greatest hits, but it’s not so here:"

1. Serenity (Progressive House Edit) by @Audial

"It’s so hard to find good progressive house. It used to be a driving beat that sincerely made you happy, and now, it’s an over saturated mess fueled by the EDM movement. Serenity (Progressive House Edit) is a breath of fresh air, because it stems from innocence, and injects the right amount of fun. A stellar classic."

2. Allure by @Claine

"The definition of a lazy summer afternoon. The perfect kickback song when it’s 3pm on a Sunday. Just you, the homies, some beer, and the sun shining down. That is Allure."

3. why did the light fade by @racecar

"Raw Emotion. Raw, Schizophrenic Emotion. It takes a mad scientist, to construct the story this song tells. Ignore the technical marvels, and lose yourself to the emotion this song engulfs you with."

4. Iwi Biwi Back- by @Intracktion

"If I heard the makings of a cinematic score, this is it. Iwi Biwi Back is a marvel on many fronts. From the story hidden inside the note, to the amazing pads and melodies constructed. I remember when I first stumbled upon Intracktion, because this was the song that struck me the most."

5. The Last Thing by @Nominal

"Witch House is a unique thing, and there are very few that can understand and showcase it’s brilliance. Nominal is Witch House in my opinion. The Last Thing sets an amazing tone and ambience that can’t be replicated by any other artist. The infusion of different styles really sell this as one of his best tracks."

6. The Littlest Things by @OXBLUD

"What is a Remix? To me, it is the reinterpretation of a vision an author has seen in a track. It is that small glimmer that sat idly in the original, but transformed into something that breathes and shows potential. This song sounds like it overdosed on LSD and puked rainbows and thunderbolts. Genius."

7. Night Train by @Olaf

"I have to thank Olaf for introducing me into ambience. And this was the song that did it. The incredible percussion, the atmosphere it presented, the story it told. It’s what helped create my first EP, Simplicity. A brilliant Classic."

8. [Phresh.] by @[offbeatninja]

"I’m fairly certain OBN is signed. This track is one of the many reasons why he is signed. That theme song you have when you walk down the street, and you know everybody gives a crap about you? This is it. On repeat for the 344th time."

9. ∆ by @VLTRA

"Experimentation. Experimentation drives innovation. Devoid ¾ was my first touch into Future Garage, and my first exposure to the legend we all know as VLTRA. Plus, Natalie Portman :p and the original is just as epic."

10. EVERYDAY ANYONE [proxima remix] by @proxima(desc if you care)

"Abnormalities. Who ever said you have to follow a set pattern? Build, Drop, repeat. This song says to hell with that. This song throws convention out of the window, and does exactly what it wants. Worthy of the great Nominal, and a favorite of mine."


Sadly, VLTRA isn’t underrated, but this guy is: @Aviddly

"I was always curious about Audiotool’s potential for hip hop, and how artists would use the platform. Veterans such as Offbeatninja, Jeff Hargrave, Claine, and new to the scene Fairfaxxxxxxxxx, all bring interesting character and flavor to the genre. But Aviddly aka Astonish was always a special one. Super underrated, a hidden gem in the scene. Choosin' is one of my favorites by him, a real testatment to his natural and unadulterated style."

11. Choosin' by @Aviddly

My Best Track

"So if you’re going to listen to this song, I want you to try this: do it at night or in a dark place. Grab your best pair of headphones and lie on your bed or floor. Hit play, and close your eyes.

I want your heart to beat in unison. I want you to float up as the choir sings their song. Fall deep into the depths of the darkness, and isolate yourself from the rest of the world."

12. Isolation by @MCT

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