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  • Bro-- stop giving these people shit. Like, stfu. The people who made this probably worked really hard. Its fucked up how you even have the audacity to come into the comment section and say all this. You all should be so ashamed of yourself. To the people who made this, I like the song you made. I encourage you to keep growing :D. Don't listen to all these bitches who are telling you that "oMg ItS sOoOOOo bAd" . Just be yourself and do you!

    • This is where the big time Audiotoolers need to step up and offer help, or link tutorials or something.

      I'm not too big, but i'll certainly help anyone who wants to make music, ill give tutorials on some synths and whatnot if you want it

    • Now I do admit we aint the best but no point on weeping over it its called stop with the hissy fit but it sounds fine

    • I mean idfc what they say if I think its good and I am proud I will take that little bit of approval to myself. If they wanna talk shit let them its words you'll get used to the bullshit over time. If they think its trash well they can remake it. i am a bit proud of myself and I will take that to feel better. And I do not forget that they are words they can not do shit to you I learnt that over the years

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  • bruh

  • this is horrible XD

  • It's alright but like it gets very repetitive in the middle.