first thing using space, semi inspired by former hero

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  • dear god that waveform

    • even he sees problems with it haha

    • this might be a difficult ride

    • in awe at the size of this fella

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  • acloudybrick

  • the people that like to just skip to the big part of the waveform in a track won't know what to do with this one

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  • redstone for ever

  • yea i want to remix this bad

  • mmm still so tasty

  • I just read the description for what might be the first time

    was this inspired by xavrockbeats? owo

  • this waveform looks arguable more brick after the update im dying skye how do you mix like this

    • It's just an interval that doesn't resonate well in even temperament. Got very little to do with musicality.

      The musicality complaint is in the lack of dynamic contrast ;) (Not that I do much better)

    • oh no its devolved from the mix being wrong to the musicality i wish i wasnt getting these notifs i just thought brick was funny haha yes bye

    • Come to think of it, I think that's got more to do with the interval between the melody and the bass.

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  • that drop gave me shivers wasn't expecting that

  • not my genre but breath taking holy

  • how is this not #1 im sad

    • This is the second week its been on the charts in the same spot, i cant complain lol

  • As always, super nice work!

  • redstone repeater

  • I N S P I R A T | O N

  • What the fuck is that waveform