Cover of track Melancholy [acloudyskye] by acloudyskye
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acloudyskye, Melancholy [acloudyskye]

  • electro

doesn't really sound like the orig but here's a Lux/Cuddlex/Madeon inspired thing

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    ollie 10 hours ago

    these chops are killing me

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    DreamWeaver 2 days ago

    delta phi much?

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    it's embr 5 days ago

    i like this a lot but rip that snare man

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    K U C C I I 5 days ago

    you never fail to impress

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    Kib 6 days ago

    OK, I am including this, but docking slight points because the melody isn't present. Unless you are willing to somehow put the melody in here before the end of the 14th lol.

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      Kib 5 days ago

      it's hard to tell but it is in the same key

    • User Avatar

      acloudyskye 6 days ago

      don't even know if it's in the same key anymore, dock away