Cover of track rey's 200 remix comp (CLOSED) by rey
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rey, rey's 200 remix comp (CLOSED)


UPDATE: rey's 200 remix comp (RESULTS)


Again big thanks for the 200 now for my first remix comp



0. Take any one of the samples and flip it (or use however many u want)

1. gotta be more than a minute long

2. any genre is fine

3. no collabs

4. u can repub but only before the due date



Theres only one prize that has money involved so try to remix this to the best of your ability.


1st place: $50 (paypal)

2nd place: pat on the back idk

3rd place: ill suck ur toes

0th place: (for any of u fuckers that makes a meme out of this) prize TBD


Additional prizes to be announced when placements are given.


Also 4th place and below will be honorable mentions


Deadline: October 31st


GLHF don't die

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