Cover of track rey's 200 remix comp / sample challenge by reyvaz
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reyvaz, rey's 200 remix comp / sample challenge


UPDATE: deadline extended to October 31st


Again big thanks for the 200 now for my first remix comp



0. Take any one of the samples and flip it (or use however many u want)

1. gotta be more than a minute long

2. any genre is fine

3. no collabs

4. u can repub but only before the due date



Theres only one prize that has money involved so try to remix this to the best of your ability.


1st place: $50 (paypal)

2nd place: pat on the back idk

3rd place: ill suck ur toes

0th place: (for any of u fuckers that makes a meme out of this) prize TBD


Additional prizes to be announced when placements are given.


Also 4th place and below will be honorable mentions


Deadline: October 31st


GLHF don't die

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