Cover of track Your Best Friend (FNF Vs. Flowey) by Nightshade_Mangle
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Nightshade_Mangle, Your Best Friend (FNF Vs. Flowey)



Flowey:Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey the-

BoyFriend: Beep bo bop.

Flowey: You want to... rap battle me?

Boyfriend: Bep!

Flowey: Well, I guess little old me will have to do!

(After Song)

Flowey: You know what? NO.

(Friendliness Pellets)

Boyfriend: Be...

Flowey: DIE

note: in the last segment, there are death arrows taking up every other arrow section, leaving only one arrow correct. These will push your bar back, but they won't instantly kill you.

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