In Memory of 2KINGS

Special Thanks To Unpredictable and 2Kings

If you say I didint get to work on this you should have read all the comments and done something when you had weeks to work on it.

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  • The two books of Kings recount the fate of the monarchy in Israel after the death of King David. ... The first two chapters of 1 Kings complete the story of David, begun in the preceding books of Samuel, and tell of the accession of his son Solomon.

    • Rest in peace.

    • The books of 1 and 2 Kings were written to show what happens when God is forgotten. Because David had a heart for the Lord, his son Solomon, was able to lead Israel into a glorious season. His reign was marked by wealth, prosperity, and wisdom.

  • this entire track is producer tags lmao

  • Seeing as how you and some other people are fighting for the 10th spot on the charts , yall just do your thing cause you will have haters who don't like the fact that there is this kinda trap on the charts..cause you know..

    only thing that should be on the charts is shit people made with synths , took 48 hours to make , and in a key that everyone uses.


  • did 2kings die?

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  • 14th place of the month


  • 900 plays tf

  • basically only edm that 12 year olds what im saying.

  • 34th Place of the Month

  • u delete every comment with crit

    Do u feel good now

    Only positive comments that must feel good right

  • but the pic is very nice <3

    that is the only i like

  • ima destroy the next mega collab

  • 6th place this week


  • if ur reading this please go check out my tracks and give me some feedback

  • 7th place this week


  • whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy