Jun Seba (Japanese: 瀬葉 淳, Hepburn: Seba Jun, February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010), better known by his stage name Nujabes (ヌジャベス, Nujabesu), was a Japanese record producer, audio engineer, DJ, composer and arranger who produced atmospheric instrumental mixes sampling from hip hop and jazz and released three solo studio albums: Metaphorical Music (2003), Modal Soul (2005) and Spiritual State (released posthumously in 2011). Seba was the founder of the independent label Hydeout Productions and released two collection compilations: Hydeout Productions 1st Collection (2003) and 2nd Collection (2007).[1] Additionally, Seba collaborated on the soundtrack for Shinichirō Watanabe's anime series Samurai Champloo (Music Record: Departure and Impression) in 2004.

Nujabes has been referred to as one of the "godfathers" of the microgenre of lo-fi hip hop.[2] In particular, his collaborations with Shing02 have been credited as having "pioneered a sound that inspired the viral 'chillhop' phenomenon, and popular YouTube programs like 'lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to.'"[3]

On February 26, 2010, Jun Seba was killed in a traffic collision

here is my tribute to this artist through my music :)

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  • Nujabes backwards is his real name

  • This is very good, all of the sounds go together great! UuU

  • Republished

    Add Rhodes Atmosphere v1 (Volume Down)

  • This tracks is gorgeous. The only thing missing is the download button so I can add it to my commuting playlist!

  • Republished

    Add Rhodes Atmosphere v1

  • Republished

    Add Rhodes Atmosphere

  • This is very well composed. The kick is so nice and punchy <3

    Personally I'd top this off with a nice smooth sub

  • It is completely the music that relaxes me :,)

    Can you visit my profile and hear what I have published?: C

  • Some feed:

    • much better

    • i changed all the music listen how it looks now

    • Everything sounds good to me but the drums and the snare needs to be just a little bit more

      higher and probably put some waveshaper on the kicks and the harp at 01:19 sounds of key to me a little bit i love the gutair tho

  • I suggest you add some hi-hats loop in 0:39 (I recommend you to do by yourself, don't choose the samples). So that will make some difference between 0:19 - 0:59

    Also, try guessing the right notes in 1:19 , that sound out of the right scale of this music.

    And if you can, in the 1:39 add some strings, because that sounds like "looped".

    Finally, remove the drums at the end ( 2:09 ).

    I guarantee that will sound better, at all, I like this one C:

    • Looks better now, noice job c;

    • i changed all the music listen how it looks now

  • Sounds don't merge together. Perc/Drum work is okay, but I would personaly reconstruct and tone tune everything from scratch

    • i changed all the music listen how it looks now

    • I am not referring to smth being offtune. I am saying that sounds don't merge together. Just my opinion

    • the tone of the melodies and samples is 49.00 I don't think there's anything out of tune, I think you heard the sub bass and didn't really like the result

  • I mean, its good, but it gets boring about 40 seconds in y'know? I get its hip hop/lofi dgmw, but those kinda tunes are structured more substantially to keep things interesting

    • i changed all the music listen how it looks now

    • I rewrote the song Listen to how it was after 40 seconds

  • its not bad. it gets very boring and redundant. i think the melody that comes in at 1:19 sounds a little weird. that arp in the background is super cool. overall not bad. its well mixed and it has some really cool sounds. nice work

    • i changed all the music listen how it looks now