Track No. 1

An Orginal With the chords provided.

IT felt like a great way to kick off the EP. Loved making this one.

I went for a synthwave retro feel with this, almost.

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  • omfg i missed this

  • mmm that fill are those F L A M A C C E N T S

  • it's nice to see you taking your remixes further than before. In a way, you're creating an original piece while using ideas from the original track itself. Very nice to hear.

  • I love the character that this version has taken.

    Pretty cool man!

    • He also said the chords were provided.

      Essentially, he took the chords and made a song, which is technically both original and remix, more leaning toward original.

      But since he clicked remix so he didn't have to remake the chords, it's seen as a remix.

    • Because i mainly Remix.

  • Someone might be due for a remix EP xb

    • Actually have a ton of ideas for this, you've no idea.

  • tfw when the intro to the intro is outstanding <3

  • melodic edm much? Noice m8, me like

  • Nice mashup

  • wow synthy neo AND sonic? dream team.

  • kewl bro

  • Cool <3