bit of fun - got the amen break out

wish I could make tracks more complex - but I am limited by cpu speed.

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  • Dope shit! Pure oldschool junglism.

  • hate when that happens maybe you can get a cheap external hardrive.. good shit man.

  • This is what I'm talking about, love the bass and those drums

  • oh it's a sample. oh well ;p

  • Awesome, choppy and interesting drums, and cool pad too :)

  • wow mnan great work

  • this is great! love it!!

  • whoa, this is the real amen break!! and not only that, your programming of it is superb! amazing

  • so clean

  • Love this

  • :O :O :O :O mindblown

  • Dem drums man. I like jungle drums and this is perfect!

  • I like.

  • This track falls short of no standards I have for jungle. You are amazing.

  • how even, this is amazing :)