Edition Audiotool: Oedipax and Jonjon

Total playing time: 2:03:23

Our Christmas Featured Artist double-pack @oedipax and @Jonjon compiled this great two in one album. Thank you Suzanne and John for the work you put in this.

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1. It's Murder - @Anthony Bartone

"I love the big sound of "It's Murder", the deep bass, and how that synth builds into a murderous climax. Bartone makes some killer drum and bass that can only leave you looking forward to hearing more"

2. Last Man Standing - @CGMan

"I remember when I first heard "Last Man Standing", I had to open it to see how he achieved it. CGMan has inspired many of my own creations and I love his powerful sound, monstrous bass, and incredible beats. He is, in my opinion, one of the most talented drum and bass producers on the site"

3. Mesmerized Skin - @EliaTrix

"This was probably one of the first pieces on Audiotool that I listened to and I was immediately taken in by it. The title is fitting and the track has a beautiful hypnotic quality, taking you on a sonic journey that keeps evolving into otherworldly sound. EliaTrix is an artist of sound and mood, and "Mesmerized Skin" in particular takes the listener on a ride through a wonderfully strange and haunting soundscape"

4. Black Lodge Dreams - @Jonjon

"I can't say enough about the sheer talent, creativity, and versatility of my husband! "Black Lodge Dreams" is one of my favorites. I love the darkness, the careful placement of effects, the subtle changes in rhythm, and the overall movement of the bass and development of the composition. I can listen to this track on repeat and not get tired of it. Overall, as with much of Jonjon's work, the quality is simply pro"

5. epic acid - @noraus1

"Leave it to noraus to masterfully show us the potential of the 303 and many of the other tools of the AT app. Upon listening to "epic acid", you can definitely hear not only the great sound engineer that noraus is, but the musicality of his work as well"

6. Finish the Fight - @FVRHΔT

"Finish the Fight" has a dark cinematic quality that I really enjoy. The cutting rhythms, the synths, and the samples all help in creating a mood of foreboding and apprehension. I think it's one of B1ackwood's best and definitely a standout track for me"

7. REtaliation - @Tottenhauser

"Tottenhauser's creations are made with a lot of enthusiasm and the quick energetic tempo, the machine-like sound effects, computer voice, and overall futuristic vibe simply transport me to another place and time, maybe even dimension altogether. I really get a kick out of music that accomplishes this"

8. Amen Junglist - @ascent

"I really like the deep bass in "Amen Junglist" and the calming atmosphere of the rain sample and dreamlike synthesizer. I find that ascent is excellent at combining sounds and this track takes me to a chilled and relaxed state of mind"

9. 8 Rules - @Marodeur (fka Tocaknox)

"I've always enjoyed "8 Rules" and it keeps me moving to the rhythm. The placement of samples with the other musical elements is just awesome. The taking away and adding in of rhythmic and melodic components at just the right moments make for a track that you can appreciate when noticing the absences as much as the other elements that make it work"

10. Hardjunk Reset - @AmpDestructor aka @808Chunk

"I can not emphasize enough how incredible a producer 808Chunk is. Master of 303, Chunk has created a track that sounds like someone losing their mind at a rave. The absolute phenomenal energy and spectacular edits showcase his abilities. Go listen and you'll hear for yourself!"

Recommended Artist:

My recommended artist is @Won Ton . While he's not on AT often, he always produces tracks of immense quality. Check him out and you'll see what I mean:


I just love the chilled, beautiful vibe of this track. The vocal edits are expert. Just wonderful.

Favorite track of my own:

This question is a hard one, but I think I really enjoyed making "U". It mainly has to do with the cinematic sound of that recurring pad that I found in AT's sample library, and changing the pitch on it. I also really enjoyed playing with the Rasselbock as well. The track conjures up mystery, darkness, strangeness, otherworldliness, and even a bit of nostalgia for another time. When listening to it, I imagine old art deco skyscrapers lit up at night in a future world no longer run by people, but machines.


I want to give a shout-out to Cripta, Sandburgen, digigeist, Astrum, Kepz, Tyburn, Mikel Boyles, heliotrope, Syntax, arche3.0, yafee?, Daniel Burgoyne, daftwill, tophat (jace), and so many more that I can't name them all. I have learned a lot from you. You are great! :)


1. Reunion by @lola_1/

"I've been attentively listening to Daniel's tracks for a while now and his levels of creativity always astound me. Each track is something entirely different from the one before. He is always tinkering and experimenting with ideas. For me, Reunion is a hugely under-rated gem."

2. Too Far by @Astrum

"I have a lot of love for astrum's (now Zonra's) music. Another audiotooler who I watched grow and develop into the insanely talented producer he is now. He's made some great music over the years and it is good to see him continuing to develop his sound even further and push boundaries. I was tempted to go for Wormhole 2.0 as it is a timeless Astrum track, but I'm very fond of "Too Far".

3. Flying Home by @Snadbrugen

"Ralf is an experienced pro and distinguished sound designer. "Flying home" has it all, soul.. infectious melody.. the right drums and it's mastered very well. I see this track as a work of art. I always return to it and for this reason it is my No.1 track made on audiotool, no doubt. "

4. Expectation by @Tyburn

"I've witnessed Tyburn (AKA Virtuous Duck) grow from day one and his rate of progress over the years is admirable. He is constantly impressing me. Tyburn produces an array of musical styles. His experiments and deeper tracks show his capability for quality sound design as well as being very interesting to hear. Some of his tracks have that quintessentially british urban sound which I like. ;) His music also has a very important characteristic - style. I'm an avid Reggae fan, so Expectation gets my vote here."

5. M by @oedipax

"Of course, no list would be complete without a track from my beautiful wife! :) Suzanne's music blows me away, especially her Drum & Bass. Considering she had never heard of the genre (before me?) I think she really has done well with her alpha omega tracks as those DNB tracks are artistically very good. Suzanne is also very conceptual and innovative with her compositions and I also admire her a lot for having no care for rules, traditions and how things were done before but instead lays down her music in her own unique way and always with a suspenseful vibe. Suzanne is an all round artist and because she is a genius pianist, this seems to add a unique and very different dimension to her electronic creations.

6. Reflected Reality by @cripta

"A master of Techno, and of course master of the Pulve! Marco is one of my favorite producers. I remember his first track and he's been a true asset to audiotool and it's users over the years. He's inspired me a lot and i particularly enjoy his darker Dancefloor Techno tracks. NO FARCIO NO PARTY!!!

7. Survival by @CGMan

"A hugely talented young man with a very promising future as a producer. CGMan is one of the new breed taking Drum & Bass into the next chapter of it's evolution. His high octane music is exciting, dynamically perfect, yet savagely raw and robust. He is way ahead of the curve, yet his music gives a respectful nod to the past. He truly understands what makes a formidable Drum & Bass track. One to watch for sure!"

8. Pulsar by @Akimbo

"Akimbo is my little Drum and Bass brother from Britain who I see a lot of potential in as an up and coming producer, he is very young but has already made huge leaps, especially with Drum and Bass. I do like the fact he is now experimenting more with other styles and he will only get better and better as he grows. His music reminds me of my own passion for Drum & Bass and the excitement of being a teenager discovering this wonderful genre and movement of music for the first time.

9. Bobby by @rnzr

"Another one I followed from the beginning. RNZR is an incredible producer, his tracks are filled with energy, infectious melodies and a lots of positivity. For me, "Bobby" is a classic audiotool track and I still love listening to it very much. Legend!"

10. Nimbus by @Mikel Boyles

"Finally, a recent track from my friend Mikel (formerly known as nowai). He has always had this talent for creating deep Techno and Jungle tracks, rich in elevating atmospheres. His sound has always reminded me of LTJ Bukem and been a rich source of inspiration for me over the years. "Nimbus" is a wonderfully crafted piece of atmospheric jungle."

Favorite track by me: Saxabar

Sorry to disappoint Jambam here and not stump for "Layered Drift" (hehe) but with Saxabar, I think I achieved something close to what I had in mind and that rarely happens. It's not perfectly mastered but I like how it flows.

Artist recommendation: @EliaTrix

"I could have done a list of at least 100 tracks and I have to give a special shout out to my friend EliaTrix, who is someone who makes very unique music and who has inspired me countless times. He's one of my faves for sure. His music is artistically brilliant and every track by him resonates to my very core. I still reckon he deserves more exposure. "

Aufbau Human

Because I was limited to 10 artists, I won't hesitate to give a huge shout out to: 808Chunk, Arche, Syntax, Andre Michelle, Flying Baby Seal, ascent, tornsage, Jambam, noraus, intraktion, enjoyyourshoes, yafee?, Tottenhauser, AudioArchitect, dabrig, Marodeur, Mr Standfast, Olondro, Olaf, Sumad, docremix, Kepz, Reversal, Digigeist, Anthony Bartone, Pilgrim, Zone, Daftwill, Plus+, Triquend, WhiteGrizzly, Hbeao, Heliotrope, Frigolito and many more. I can't keep up anymore ;)

"Also, big thanks to Andre Michelle, Luke and the rest of the audiotool team for all their hard work and dedication. "

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