Got a Big Mac in my big bag

Got a Big Mac in my fanny pack

Got a big bag in my big bag

Got a big bag, call my granny back (x2)


I'ma get that Big Mac

$ 3.99 I'ma get fat

Sesame seed bun (seed bun)

I'ma get that Big Mac

$ 3.99 I'ma get fat

No special sauce please


Eat a Big Mac, fuck the Whopper with the cheese

Called the king of burgers said that he can suck on deez

Called Wendy too, said that she could eat my ass

McDonald's where I go when I want food that's fast

Ain't about no Taco Bell or Dominoes

McDonald's be where I catch all the hoes

When I roll up with the Big Mac they already knows

Got the milly dollar menu, Big Mac with the bros


Girl I got a Big Mac, and I got fries with that

But I need to know if you're gonna take the kids

Cause I need the motherfuckin' money for the McRib

Living on the edge, glutes from the bread

Serve it with a lettuce head, you know how we do it then

Best story I had about a Big Mac:

Took my friends to McDonald's, then we ordered Big Mac borgers

Then a terrorist showed up, "Where DJ Khaled West?"

I said "Here motherfucker, what you wanna do with a motherfucker?"

He said "Allah Ackbar"

I said "(redacted) throw me that motherfuckin' snack bar"

Then I threw it at the terrorist and he blew in embarrassment

I just solved world peace, I know, I'm the president

You can't fuck with me, I'm so excellent, chyea


I'ma get that Big Mac (x16)


Hop in the whip and I order the Big Mac

That's a big snack (mm)

Sauce on my lip wipe that off with a big nap-

A big napkin (mm)

I ain't slacking (mm)

Look what happen (mm)

Why you mad kid

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