Fist track 2022

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  • missed that one! great vibe, and yes definitly something of PK here . great job, as for every track

  • Genau mein Style!

    Kalkbrennermäßig abgeliefert!

    Große Klasse!

  • great sample use and transitions; catchy beat

  • Thanks chaps and どのような意味であれ

  • Wow! それはやべえでした!

    Keep it up :)

  • Gut gemacht.

    Well crafted soundz.

    Cheers from




  • Lovely! Has a Moby vibe somehow. Taking my mind to other places :)

    • Moby! that was what the vocal reminded me of :) Thanks man

  • Thanks chaps

  • Great work:~)

  • wow

    such music

    much perfection


  • oh i thought i liked this one


    • So and now you found out that you don’t 😅

      Kidding, thanks for catching up mate

  • Thank you 😊

  • Sandburgen type beat ngl

  • ... vom feinsten 🔊🌊

  • this is definitely a fist track ;)

    raising my fist to this. Super soulful, love the ambience