Cover of track Kekkai Sensen OP (with DubstepMidnight) by Aringrey
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Aringrey, Distorted Vortex, Kekkai Sensen OP (with DubstepMidnight)


Kekkai Sensen is a really cool anime and the opening song composed by BUMP OF CHICKEN serves it very well.

We thought we would do the Show and the Song good and remixed it and turned it into terrible chiptune! YAY

Hey DubstepMidnight here typing under aringrey's typing so aringrey mostly did this i only did like the drums for the well idk if aringrey is going to put it on remix but i did the A2 on the drums and i think this is not bad like i can tell how the drums don't work with the song but we managed to do it anyways

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