been trying to finish this one for like 3 years but never come up with anything :[

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  • your music makes me want to get to know you the person

  • Hmmm

    I wanna crack it open and see what’s inside

  • my wife stopped talking and said "who's this?"

    just so you know, this left a big impression in my home. Thanks for always being that one dude who inspires me

  • you never disappoint

  • Every time i read a description like that, i just wanna try remixing, but I've got no ideas either rn 😭

    Ja feel. Ja definitely feel

    P s. Good job tho, it sounds great and i like those snare segments

    • Also those screechy audio samples are cool. I'm curious how you did em (I'm at work rn so i can't open it but I'll try to remember to look later)

  • that kick is so heaftyyyy

  • love your perc work everytime

    the lab has produced great results once again

  • This def deserves morw attention!

  • Super interesting