Tried my hand at chopping and changing loops to make all of the key bits in this one

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  • absolutely heroic number of eq's in that snapshot

  • saw the repubs 👀

    • Thought it deserved a little refresh! Now it's louder with more depth and fewer not good frequencies

    • Smoothening the mixes is important.

  • ohmy

  • perfect

  • refav - very good chill dnb - i like your oldschool style - I get nice memories - Everything was better before

  • super slick. that bass anchor under the chords does the trick

  • good!

  • still underrated!

  • literally doesn't get better than this

  • again, cant get over how smooth the mix in this one is, its like oiling butter

    • I prefer the kind of mix that takes mountains of soap, a fat minute, and some very hot water to scrub off

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  • Always a pleasure earing your music

  • Sweet

  • still genuinely an amazing song

  • I literally just noticed that I didn't comment on this but daaaang it's so good man keep up the good work

    • Thanks, I really appreciate you putting my stuff in your albums!

  • super cool