ATD20 - Top 12

Total playing time: 0:48:40

Congratulations to our First Place entry, skyburst! by @rai.

This was a special year for AT Day. We had the largest panel of judges AT Day has ever seen. We saw a huge increase in vocal entries. We saw 79 solo tracks and 12 collaboration tracks created to showcase the active and growing talent on Audiotool. We saw many different genres represented in the huge variety of tracks entered. We are so glad to be able to celebrate Audiotool in this big way!

We recieved many good entries, but twelve stood out above the rest. Special congratulations to our top 3:

1. @rai. - skyburst!

2. @Wightfall , @Goon - Dragon's Teeth

3. @nico , @jgord - kinda tall

Congratulations to all our top 12 placements!

Honorable mentions:

@Wrighteous for being a judges' favorite

@Vulkron , @po9t for being a fan favorite

and @Snadbrugen , @hailey , @kuatari for best cover art, also voted by the ATD judges.

From all the judges to all of Audiotool, thank you for all that you do to make this site a wonderful place to make music!

To the winners, dm @owtlet to claim your prizes.

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  • TY for the honorable mention! Definitely my favourite ATDay so far :D

  • congrats u all! impressive stuff here

  • 12 things that made 2020 better. Congrats to the winners!

  • wow folks! Just want to echo everything Nico said. I feel so honored. Mine and Nico's song was bringing me so much joy to work on while in quarantine and it feels great to know that others dug it as well. Looking forward to making more music in this awesome space!

    • jgord is a really good friend and an incredible musician and i know he's gonna go places. y'all should expect a lot more incredible music from him!

  • Congrats to all the winners! Shoutout to @rai. , you totally deserve number 1 bruv :)

  • would it be possible to get feedback on the songs we published to see why we didn't make top spot? i would really like to know what i could have improved on. i typically ask for feed back whenever i publish a song but i always get the typical. "i like this" or "i like that" but never "the bass is being drowned out and could use a bit more mixing". you know something that would at least point us in the right direction to better our music so that more under rated artist can see themselves shine <3


    im just grateful to even be able to participate!

    i love audiotool

  • Congrats Rai :D You earned it!

  • The competition between the top three tracks this year was VERY close and not only was it hard for us to pick a winner; we hadn’t even decided until 12 hours ago. With a diverse panel of judges it was even interesting between ourselves as we saw more polarizing scores and the top 12 shift around a ton. I'm glad to have taken part in my first ATD in 2020 so at least we could do something to end the year on a more positive note for everyone, especially those who had a rough time through the year.

    • really interested to see the scores for every one of the entries...

  • Honored to be in the top 12 alongside these talented artists. Congrats guys, keep making great music!

  • Yesss perfect top 3!!! Great selection guys, inevitably I had different tastes but this top 3 is really well deserved. I'm also glad to see almate's, light's and goon's entries among the winners <3

    And of course gg rai <3

  • Do you use probe to rap or sing?

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  • wow 3rd! no way. i’m honored as heck, thank you everyone who was involved and congrats to everyone who won and/or made amazing music!