Hey guys, this is the first song that I have made, my other is the first remix I made.

On this song I used samples for the vocals the synth, and the reverse cymbal you hear every now and then. I created my own drumloop using drum kick, snare, hihat and crash samples, I also chopped up the vocals as well as made the drop.

I believe this song is best heard wearing headphones, it has a much better sound.

Give it a favorite if you like it and you want to hear more music like this in the future. I'm new at this, and new to dubstep, so I will gladly take advice from anybody about how I could improve.


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    † Knigh† oƒ †he King †

    about 4 years ago


    I noticed that right after I submitted the first version, it cut off the ride at the end. So I lengthened the song to let it ring out