Cover of track Kinetic by herlufsew
  • about 5 years ago
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herlufsew, Vulkron, synthonix, DENTI, s k u l, Kinetic


So thanks for helping me reach 200 followers. Im pretty darn happy about that. Here's a track featuring a bunch of talented guys


Now theres is no remix on this cuz of some asshole deleting it all, We do not know who did it so don't go out on a witchhunt after the possible douche who did it.


Im really happy with all you guys have provided for me. I hope to reach 300 as fast as possible


Huge S/O to @acloudyskye @synthonix @Tim Derry @s k u l and @STAGEFRIGHT (new release) for being guys i KNOW worked on this. Also Sky leveled shit <3



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