-Track: 7 of 14

-Title: "God's Cry"

-Featuring: @Vulkron

-Genre: Future Bass

-Gravi's Summary: A kinetic, yet endearing Future Bass/Dubstep track inspired by a certain special fighting game from Nintendo. I've have waited SO DAMN LONG to collab with Vulky-Sama and I couldn't be happier with the results. :D

-Vulkron's Summary: God's Cough

-Description: "There were days in my exile that felt worse than death ever could. My body and mind cloaked in agony. The pain would've made most others go insane. I withstood it all in the end. My motivation ever stronger and only but a single tear in my eye..."


Hope You Enjoy! ^-^

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  • *looks at number of favs*

    ...Nice! >;)

    • For context, this comment was posted when there were 69 favs. :3

  • Thank you everyone for 100+ favs! <3 ^-^

  • The percs are great. Piano is nice touch.

    • Thank you! ^-^

      (Piano was Me, Percs were Vulk)

  • yummy <3

    i don't need to tell you this is great :)

  • rly nice

  • I need that heavenly pad in the intro.

    • Lol. I rarely ever make pads/chords on AT anymore. "ignite" and "Exiled" were during the Sample-pocalypse, so I had no choice for those, but that's as close as I've ever got to that choir pad.

    • OH That's what that is. I thought it was audiotool.

    • I can sorta mimic it with a pulv, but it's not as good. :/

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  • THOSE PADS FR THOUGH. This entire thing is beautiful

    • no spamming on tracks lololololololol

    • *pssst* *pssst* hey. dont' mind me. but y'all should probably click on that link. or not. you don't have to. it's not like i'm ya mom or anything. do whatever makes ya happy. c:

  • This Charted? It's been like 4 years since I've been on the singles chart, lol. Don't really know how to feel about that. Kinda surreal, if I'm being honest. ._.

    • vvv

    • Funny thing is, I don't consider myself an OG, lol. I kinda feel like everybody else on here, just a kid (grown-ass man) making music n' shit. Thank you, though!!! ^-^

    • you just like many others have earned that spot man <3 it's nice to see some OG's getting back up there

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  • good song and I hope to buy the serum as well one day it cost $189.00 right?

  • DOPE SONG!!!

  • this is sauce

  • Love it! transitions are smooth as hell! at 03:19 I reckon it could use a slight melody change, the main melody does get a little repetitive but awesome sound design!

  • Republished

    Some mixing and transition edits