this is a shit-post song i made for fun lol. This is how i imagine vizil hears all of my music XD

this song samples all forms of ducks



*poet noises*


I’m a sample ducks for the fuck of it

Feel like ye with the “uhh”

Mc lovin it


Kick my feet up in the bathtub

I’m not at the beach this a bathtub

With my rubber duck


Playin motherfuckers like atari

Ain’t jealousy a bitch so salty

I’m not sorry

Crack the champagne like I’m pappi

I’ll be

Making what I want

Fuck if it’s Poppy


A Milli on the last album dropped


I don’t brag a lot but your so fuckin toxic


*vizil noises*




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  • 5 Year Olds Should Read The Entire Lyrics

  • keeps recharting lol

  • 2k

  • this song is almost a year old and still finds itself on the birdcore charts

  • where is the lyrics

    they are gone

  • The Jealousy reference tho

    • THANK YOU!!! SOME ONE CAUGHT IT!!!! i drop easter eggs in so many of my songs i wish people would get LMAO

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  • did poet make this?

    • po9t didn’t make this, sugar made this

    • poet didnt make this, po9t did

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  • Republished

    why the vox disappear? LMAO

  • 𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭𓅭

  • I would have never expected to hear a 100 gecs song on audiotool. Fricking epic

  • vete a la mierda jodete maldito idiota


  • i like how you used my snare sample in this track so anytime someone just reuploads this track onto their page it tells me

  • having done a quick google search i now know that one can actually buy that duck

    and it makes me happy

  • We need a dubstep version

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