My first techno track not realy my cup of tea but I want to learn a new vibe! I hope for good feedback!?!

Enjoy :~)

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  • Wow, thanks everybody for listening! it charted at 2 :~)

  • Very cool! Love the talking 303!

  • Very nice !

    • You're use of bassline in "story of a lost world" inspired me to experiment with it. Never got a good feeling handeling it but you made it sound big and showed the potential. Thanks

    • Thank you my friend:~)πŸ˜€

  • Oh, super!

  • very cool!

  • Very cool vibrations!! makes me feel ticklish in a great way! I think you just created a new genre :-)

    I am a fan!

  • This is a little bit different from the typical sound design I usually hear in techno. I am not an expert in this genre though. But I think you really got the idea with a raw sound design and repetition, so I find it very interesting and enjoyable to listen to :)

    • @sea foam and the wind nice you listened so many times to the track and that you enjoyed it! I limited myself by using one synth of each and I did it quick so that it would not me to long. Sometime I lose the connection to what I make because I just keep adding ideas and synths and in the end I got stuck how to go further. With this direction I hope to maintain a good flow i'm surely no expert in this genre to. Thanks for you're feedback :~)

  • Interesting how a non Techno person hears Techno :) With a few tricks in sound design you would be closer to it