Pull up Ben Shapiro you ain’t even got a case

Debate Like I’m Bill Cosby cause my argument is laced

I got family values all up in my grill ya I’m forreal. I’m gon’ spill this Pure Flix password, that’s a deal (I GOT NO CHILL!)

All the culture Marxists hide when they see me pull up

Took the red pill with a bib and sippy cup (was just a pup!)

You know that my wife is happy cause she says she’s fairly pleases

Spreading facts and logic like I’m a new disease

Dual wield my katanas I can fill my limit break

Call up on yo momma I ain’t making no mistake

Roasting all these liberals cause I love to watch them cry

OK this is epic Cardi B just posted her reply.

Let’s say hypothetically that I’m gon' run these streets. I got my Ice to chill the heat. You best stay still I got my piece. I got no peace. My inner demons say the debating never ends. I’ll make amends for my decisions.

I’ll do anything to win!

I ain't care about your feelings; run em' over with some facts

Put my face all over Prager now I'm rollin' with some stacks

Pimp my ride, Cybertruck with the bullet proof glass

Got my honey, got my family, got your gender studies glass

Can you hear me? Cause I'm all around. Do you fear me? Does it bring you down? I can't help you when you're liberal. Can't you see your views are trivial?

Blood up on my altar; you will be my sacrifice

To achieve what I desire I need an innocent life

Consume my fill of sin with heinous acts and blasphemy

But that’s all hypothetical so you shouldn’t worry

P-word. Cause I’m a family guy.

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