Made this back in 2022 after my motorcycle accident. Took some willpower to make it with a broken wrist. Unfortunately, this didn't really end up going anywhere, but I'm still proud of it :)

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  • i remember this comp... might just post mine bc what the hay? i feel like we got scammed LMAO

    • I see, much much better explanation

    • You all received a voucher and the whole thing turned out to be a flop. Wouldn’t call it scammed. It was an experiment

    • lmao fr. might post mine too just for the heck of it

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  • Remember when u had to record mine cuz it was to big 💀

  • when I heard those vocals it all came flooding back, holy shit

    bro I worked so hard on my remix and then just saw a bunch of already signed artist get all the credit for that fucking competition lol. I felt like such a jackass

  • You called?

  • awesome 👍

  • bro stayed strong at his lowest

    fuck yes dude

    • this doesn't even have a genre dude

      this is incredible

  • Those vocals are incredible!

  • Sorry to hear about you motorcycle accident.

    This is awesome!

  • god daaaayyuuuuummm


  • when kurp favorited this, I saw it it my feed and immediately clicked on it

    this track is so unbelievably good that I didn't even understand what I was hearing at first

  • wtf