More experimenting for the tryouts for the music school. I hope you enjoy (:

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  • Ok actually I didn't. But it deserves two good comments.

  • Absolutely magnificent. Forgot to comment when I faved apparently. Love those chords and the sounds you used.

  • Very nice atmosphere!

  • I know i was here before. I commented about wanting to find a music school myself. Maybe the server wouldn't let me comment. Anyway this is great for experimenting.

  • oh my

  • Remind's me so much of Massive Attack, great stuff, Bravo

  • very nice ambient groove.....i dig it!

  • nice track i like

  • Very nice!

  • Thanks man, glad to see you back (:

  • Glad to hear that your music is still amazing. Great track!

  • Thanks guys (:

  • I've always loved your music dude.

  • lol, i fav'd b4 even listening. good to have artists i can count on to ALWAYS make good music.

  • Quet moment, Olaf.