Some weird electro house thing.

My entry for Audiotool Day 2020.

Hope y'all enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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  • Really wanna make something like this again

    • Definitely my cleanest track to date

  • oh shit I forgot to fav this

  • When there are bangers like these why do the people who make those songs always think they suck lol?

    • overcritical

    • I had to rush the second half of the track a little so I could get the track out before the ATD deadline, so I feel like the second drop definitely could've been better. Never the less though, thank you for the compliment bud!

  • idk why i never saw this

    • Thank you so much bro, but you're the one to speak! Watching you grow your style the past couple of years has been nothing short of a privilege, can't wait to see where you end up

    • your style is so unique and to see it change over these few years has been nothing short of amazing to experience. I feel like youve started to really find your signature snio style

  • bruh i never even saw or heard this god damn this go crazyyyy

  • Oooooo, damn, pretty great bop, also nice usage of my sound fx.

  • Bro the mix is insane. Messing with my head!!

  • wow this is great

    should make a remix...

  • dont know how i missed this, i swear at hiding shit from me nowadays lol this is nutty

    • Always appreciate your support bud, thanks for the words!

  • EXCUSE ME!!..


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

  • Thank you @okin for the notif, cuz AT has too, hidden this bop from me

  • k i c c

  • JEEZ

    • You're the one talking <3

    • you always produce bangers, you always have.

      i have never heard a bad song by you.


  • Republished

    - Slight changes to mixing of highs in the second drop

    - Slight changes to second build up

    - Newly added outro section