15/4 starting from 0:00

29/8 at 2:05

15/4 again at 3:27

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  • epic submission, well done

  • thumping!

    luv the sound selection

    this is great

  • Here's to wishing there will be a way to automate time sig in the future 🤞

    • It’s just an example, it’s a limitation that we should be able to surpass. Even if we're going to fuck it up we should have the option to.

    • I agree with Frigolito. There's a point where things stop making sense musically. If you need such high numbers on the top of the time signature, you're probably dealing with several bars of material. You can hear tracks in the challenge that went for a monster time signature without an idea to justify it. It's just not exciting. Technique serves ideas, not the other way around.

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  • you are a curse to this site

  • you are a blessing to this site

  • holy shit

  • if this dosnt win im gonna be mad cuz this is amazing

  • Great rhythm. Very cool turnarounds between bars.

  • Love the 15/4 it grooves and the sound is solid , great job! The 29/8 transition is effortless :~)