Dissonant and unpolished.

A bit inspired by Have A Nice Life, check them out.

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  • Republished

    Improved mix, less muddy

  • love the mix, everything gets nice and crunchy and raw while also staying clear

  • Republished

    increased base saturation, increased snare volume, some other touches

  • So pretty. Excellent.

  • really like how it gets dirtier

  • Love the crescendo. Amazing track

  • reverb?

    • Unsure what you're asking, but the guitar was recorded dry. All effects are applied in the studio, I use the Quasar for pretty much everything :)

  • love ur geetar as always

    • this song in particular seems to hit all the right notes for me

  • beaut <3

  • were you from

  • I love me some dissonance.

  • super cool

  • awesome. The mix is cool asf to

  • Republished

    Reworked the kick drum, heavier compression on the instrument bus for the second part

  • <333

    • i kinda wanna mess around with writing over this, this is so beautiful