im actually really proud of this song. def my hardest one yet- straight emo vibes lol


lmk watcha think, i love to hear feedback! Wasting time will be launched on all platforms jan 8th


ALSO shout out to housesick (other vocalist), my mans only 17 and has already caught the ears of some pretty big artists XD. (he also did the guitar you hear)

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  • housesick? more like- HOUSE DICK!!

  • yesss

    • Check em out on SoundCloud bro he's so fye

    • no clue who that is XD

    • hold up housesick has lxxiv flow in his verse

  • U really do love the fckin bathtub sample xD

    I cant listen to it the same way now xD

    Still a fckin nice tune

    • i remember the 1st time u used taht tag it was our collab :0

    • It’s my taggggGggG

  • shitttttttt

  • I love the last part but I'm sorry to say but I don't think this is ur best track even tho it is great

    • it was differnt to say the least

    • i agree, this was ment to be an experimental song (pushing me out of my comfort zone)


  • do u listen to LIL JUMEX

  • holy fuck

  • : O

  • this i sum good shit XD