This is me trying to actually make ( take? ) vaporwave seriously.

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  • can't help but want to remix this now

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  • b a l l s t o p


  • I can imagine it with the Fresh Prince vocals...

  • lol it's not su-re-tsu-do...

    it's sureddo - スレッド 

    meaning thread im pretty sure, when you see a small tsu it means you are supposed to pause. kappa.

    anyways interesting song, i like it.

  • Amazing track man!! Where'd you got this sample btw? So rad!!

    • Even though Vaporwave has evolved by this point, in my mind, I think good vaporwave is about finding good, obscure sample sources.

  • g OlDe N W A V V E Z

  • O P E N W O R L D

  • V I D E O G A M E S

  • I A M B R O K E N I N S I D E

  • mallstop t h r e a d s

  • It's good

  • Oh my gosh the beginning hahaha I love it!

  • It's just a ripped loop with drums added. But it's a good loop. I think that's what makes for good vaporwave. Finding good source material

  • i just love how lively the chords are