Haven't really been too satisfied with anything I've made for months. But I guess, I can just suck it up and make something.

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  • professional af

  • i refuse to believe that this is 2 years old

    • bro no fucking way its three years

    • it a year, 11 months and a few weeks old

      nah jk its 2 years

  • tb

  • This tickles my experimental taste buds :D

  • I really liked this one, so I remixed it, please check it out!

  • 8 Seconds in, I knew I was in for a treat. Awesome synth work.

  • omgesh how did i not know this was here

  • *hearted* not by name but for just plain coolness :)

  • Great! Liked it a lot!

  • Any song by Infy is pretty much insta-chart material.

    If he made a meme song, it would be #1 on the charts for the whole month.

  • the noise scratchy thing is pretty cool

  • nice synthpop. i like your detuned synths.

  • s o u n d

    d e s i g n

  • succ*

  • Great production quality