Wanted to try something different, I only used 2 bass line machines (which ive only used once), an 808 drum machine, a 909 drum machine, and a Pulv for subbass.

Something very out of the ordinary for me, but its kinda funky, I like it, hope you guys do too :)


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    EZ STEEZY about 5 years ago

    Kinda Old school but I like it all the same!

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    SKULL KID about 5 years ago

    Awesome tunes sir!!! :]

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    KyRoPracter about 5 years ago

    Thanks everyone :)

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    Zakyu about 5 years ago

    totally agree with all the comments below man. good job. sounds like you had some fun with it haha

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    ABADDON about 5 years ago

    nice work