Cover of track martini bikini by ollie
  • about 9 months ago
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ollie, martini bikini

  • ollie

Here have some 140bpm house


Not sure where these vocals are from but if anyone knows, tell me and I'll credit them etc


Picture from SheerLuxe


beep boop

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    Dustin Ross about 2 months ago

    man, i wish you'd un-hide your music :)

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    Fluent about 3 months ago

    This it be

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    Aspect about 8 months ago

    Hypercube [Future Bass]

    sorry for the spam but i need exposure - i worked hard on it and 12 followers really cuts my edge Xd

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    Noir Greyson about 8 months ago

    You know what this reminds me of, come to think of it? The menu music from the game Crash Fever (Great Soundtrack) (link is only visible to registered users) I think it's the choppiness of the chords.

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      ollie about 8 months ago

      haha i actually really like that music! Thanks man!

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    shel about 8 months ago