only a better master equalization...

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  • hey man, i'm listening to this, so cool!

  • This is also boss.

  • ascoltando le vecchie tracce :)

  • Great job !!

  • Fantastico, Farcio! Mi piacerebbe sentire di più da voi! >:3

  • Very nice trak dude!

  • thank you friend...I was trying to refine it a bit ... you know I'm never completely satisfied lol.. and .I'm sorry that you could not make your remix..I'm sure it would be a winner :)

  • Bella Farcio!!!

  • congratz on the A2 comp result m8! ;)

  • Awesome! And congratulations by the way. :-)

  • Un peu étrange... Mais j'adore! :)

  • ouch go for it..i need your remix !!

  • love it! (btw havent even started with my remix - hope there will be one :))

  • nice

  • great remix, very original. and thanks for all the great comments and support farcio!!!