I have a feeling this is how Goon's brain works during the time when he's making music.

It is like you convert his neuron signals and data into sound. So I think this is what is happening in his brain while he's making music.


Goon is a classy raw house sounds master. He can easily take you back to your childhood days. Raw dry synths from the '90s

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Brainworks - Audiotool Role Play

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  • Nice beat

  • So many of these brainwork’s are classics in my brain storage

  • mmm

  • money sex records quality right here.. up there with the likes of IMYRMIND, Luds, Max Graef, Glenn Astro

    this is a bop and a half

  • I've traveled back in time all because of this beat. Doc, give me back my foreskin and I ain't askin twice

    • there's alot to unpack in this comment but im with you haha

  • makes me want to skate

  • WOW,, superb vibe here

  • this or andre michelle is probably my favorite of the series so far

  • sila is that horn sounds a sample or synth?

    • when i listen to this song i really think that horn i hear is a sample but I know its not

    • the only samples listed under assets are the acapella.

  • sila that filtering is so good

  • Republished

    This is the cleanest I could get to. The vocals are still clipping because the recording itself is a trash to begin with, but I guess it is okay as it is. Last republish, final mixdown.

  • the hats in the first part omg

    • me and the boys enjoying them too! :D

    1 more
  • What a fun little series you have going on here!

  • Yes yes yes yes yes and one more time YES!

  • Republished

    We all know previous vocals are trash actually. So I added some classy and old ones. Also the middle part has a pretty "dancey" swing flip. General mixing in the next publish.