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Brainworks - Audiotool Role Play

Total playing time: 1:36:35

This Album is constantly in progress. New tracks coming.


I did not even plan to do something like this. It all started with Andre's track where I did not intend to replicate his sound design, rather it gave me a vibe of - a crazy almighty hacker coding databases while listening to such music. And it all evolved into all these songs.

This is how I see/feel/hear AT artists subjectively, you may agree or disagree.

Thank you for the huge support throughout creating each and every one of these.


So - it all started with Andre quickly hacking the flash code and creating Audiotool under the 1st track. And then all these artists took over.



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  • Brainworks aka my homework playlist!

  • do MILXN

    You are a legend

  • Damn i gotta check these out. Never listened to them :(

  • dangggg whole damn yeah so far????? its been going on for THAT LONG?

    • apparently! xDD didn't know it was THAt fast though...

    • Time runs fast like a freight train

  • I LOVE THIS IDEA OMGGG SO COOL. ur doing a great job so far. its hard to replicate a way of making music like someone else, with your mind telling you what YOU think sounds good and telling you to change it, but I think you did amazing. keep it up, man :)

  • me next

  • Roleplay

  • sexy time

  • Beauti album

  • such masterpieces!! somehow i missed a few, will have to remedy that today

  • I'm going to make a song similar to this titled " sila", the creator of this

  • <3<3

  • You should do Jet and Nick