Ben a while since i've done a proper dubstep, lately i've been working on tropical house, so its nice to g back to what i do best.

best drop i've ever done.

this is definately celebration to 400 followers, thkyou so much, but for all my followers, the only ones who matter are the ones who listen. following is a single click- its easy. listening is more appreciated. if u count as a fan and have actually listened to a lot of my tracks, of which i know a few who listen to most that I come out with, then your not a fan or a follower. your a supporter, and that means the very most to me. thats not to say i dont appreciate my followers. u guys are amazing <3

pleased with this track, should be my top track. my top tracks should go as follows-




let me know if I should delete Earthquake, it's a terrible song (although one of the good early ones I made) so i can make way for other songs. also i wont delete it, but i'll leave soar, and let vulk have the credit, i dont want it

fairly short, but enjoyed making this, although it lagged a lot

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    winding necks

    about 3 years ago

    chords are a little loud but besides that the song's great. Congrats on 400 dude

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    about 3 years ago

    hoi m8, lead is a bit too loud, if you need help w/ chords i can def help u, cuz no off, but the chords sound noobish, so if u can, make a new draft and inv me to this so I can fix the chords. Also...sidechaining, dont forget to do that ;)

    Dude 1:06 hits hard, gj on that :D