Cover of track Mind's Over Mind's by M0UZE X.V
  • about 6 months ago
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M0UZE X.V, Kyba, Herlufsew, Mind's Over Mind's

  • chill
  • collab
  • melodic
  • chillstep

Mouze never put a description so I'm gonna step right in. Opened the original draft of just an arp, fiddled with the timing and added a bass.

Next thing I know Vulkron is invited and adds a chord stab and sub that complimented the arp insanely well. And that's the moment I fell in love with the draft...

And so comes Mind's over Mind's. Insanely fun to work on with the insanely talented Vulkron.

Enjoy it as much as I did - Kyba.

and i finished the very end i totally for got what the original song was because this song is epic nice job guys - M0UZE

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    MØNSØØN about 1 month ago


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    Xim about 3 months ago

    cant get over this. this is FUCKING AMAZING!!

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    M0UZE X.V about 4 months ago

    remixes are now open

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    UnusualNarwhalMusic about 4 months ago

    open remix pllllssss

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    M0UZE X.V about 5 months ago

    No remixes yet